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Begin Your Transition

Are you struggling with the twists and turns of life? Need a quiet place to talk things over and plot a path forward? These kinds of discussions are why I love serving my clients in Oak Park, River Forest and the surrounding areas. I get to be a guide and provide a helping hand. We can figure out what is standing in the way of achieving your goals. I look forward to helping my clients grow and take care of themselves, no matter what stage of life they are at. Seeking therapy for yourself or your loved one means you are a person who wants to grow. Let me help you on your journey.

Signs that you could benefit from psychotherapy include:

You feel an overwhelming, prolonged sense of helplessness and sadness.

Your problems don’t seem to get better despite your efforts and help from family and friends.

You find it difficult to concentrate on work assignments or to carry out other everyday activities.

You worry excessively, expect the worst or are constantly on edge.

Your actions, such as drinking too much alcohol, using drugs or being aggressive, are harming you or others.

Source: American Psychological Association, Understanding psychotherapy and how it works